The founder of Rotterdam Terror Corps. This man is known as the Organizer and those who know him can assent to this! He started organizing house parties since 1989. A lot of artists played their first gig at a big event organized by Distortion (Neophyte, Tiesto, Dr. Z-Vago, Dano, Ruffneck, Partyraiser, Franky Jones, Dave Davis and many others) ‘

In 1992 he hosted weekly ‘Distortion’, one of the first hardcore radioshows. When he was asked to dj he choose as an artistname the name of his radioshow ‘Distortion’. He still hosts almost every wednesday Distortion via

While around 1994 most hardcore deejays played happy hardcore he continued playing hardcore records together with mc RAW. Forthcoming as one of the originators that produced and played the harder styles of hardcore since the days of our beloved "Energie-Hal". Known for his sets that instantly fire up the place, where-ever, when-ever. Father of the world famous Megaraves, and more. Keywords - "The Horror", "God is a gabber" and "Raveworld", representing hardcore for an entire hardcore generation.

In the year 2008 he made a new RTC vinyl 'Time to kill another one' together with the guys of Offensive, and it's a big succes! After a double dvd in 2009 he is now working on a new album for RTC the track INSANITY is finished in december 2009