Emanuele known yet for his productions on Cenobite Records and Hardcore Blasters has always been into electronic music since early '90. In 1995 he discovers Hardcore with the radio shows Maniac Monday ran by Walter One (r.i.p.) and Virus (by Freddy K). In that moment born a passion that never left him. In 1997 began making music for fun with playstation. In 1998 he finally bought his first computer and began experimenting with sequencers and vsts more seriously. In 2009, after many year of hard work, his first ep on Cenobite Records was out. It was particularly appreciated for his revisitation of the old trancecore style. From the first moment his style is recognizable as melodic and full of tricks. In 2010 he produces a couple of remixes for Twins Records and HardKryptic Records. 2011 is the time for Trancecore2.0, released on many compilations among which Dominator 2011. In 2012 his collaboration and remix with Hellsystem are released on Hardcore Blaster. In 2013 he wins the TIH contest and joins the well known Traxtorm Records.