Neophyte - Mainiak Chapter 2

TitleMainiak Chapter 2

Release date08.11.2013
Length03:39:26 (19 Tunes)

Available asMP3 192kbps
MP3 320kbps


It’s been a while (Intro)NeophyteNeophyteSingle tune

Gas erop! (Album Version)Neophyte & Zany ft. Alee & DieselNeophyteSingle tune

Nooit meer slapen (Neophyte ft. Alee Remix)YellowclawNeophyteSingle tune

Precious Pain (Original Mix)Neophyte & FuryanNeophyteSingle tune

I am Phoenix (Album Version)Neophyte & The ViperNeophyteSingle tune

The Remedy #TiH (Original Mix)Neophyte ft. Mc JeffNeophyteSingle tune

Master this! (Album Version)NeophyteThe Viper & Tha PlayahNeophyteSingle tune

Only way out (Album Version)Neophyte & Scott Brown ft. AleeNeophyteSingle tune

I will remain (Original Mix)Endymion & Neophyte ft. AleeNeophyteSingle tune

Never part of you (Album Version)NeophyteNeophyteSingle tune

Rubberduck (Original Mix)Neophyte & NosferatuNeophyteSingle tune

One Of These Days (Angerfist rmx) (Album Version)Neophyte & Evil ActivitiesNeophyteSingle tune

Tijdbom (Original Mix)Neophyte & Tha Playah feat. AleeNeophyteSingle tune

Vulgar Display Of Power (Original Mix)Tieum & NeophyteNeophyteSingle tune

Coming at you strong (Album version)NeophyteTieum & Rob GEENeophyteSingle tune

Get this or die (Original Mix)Neophyte & UnexistNeophyteSingle tune

Until the time is right (Outro)NeophyteNeophyteSingle tune

CD1 - Mainiak Chapter 2 - Full CDVarious ArtistsNeophyteMixAlbum only

CD2 - Neophyte Records Best of the 10's mix (Full Continuous Mix)Various ArtistsNeophyteMixAlbum only

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