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Nobody stopping thisTommyknockerTraxtorm Records4 TunesThis week

Winners #TiHTommyknockerTraxtorm RecordsSingle tuneThis week

Nobody stopping thisTommyknockerTraxtorm RecordsSingle tuneThis week

Guardians of unlost (E-Mission Anthem 2015)Art of FightersTraxtorm Records2 TunesLast week

Guardians of unlostArt of FightersTraxtorm RecordsSingle tuneLast week

Embrace the ultimate (Harmony of Hardcore Anthem)AmnesysTraxtorm Records2 Tunes13.05.2015

Embrace the ultimate (Official Harmony of Hardcore 2015 anthem)AmnesysTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune13.05.2015

A real voiceDJ Mad DogTraxtorm Records4 Tunes22.04.2015

Namasté motherfuckersDJ Mad Dog & Rob GeeTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune22.04.2015

A real voice #TiHDJ Mad Dog feat. MC JeffTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune22.04.2015

HellscreamAdvanced DealerTraxtorm Records6 Tunes01.04.2015

Drugs in the clubAdvanced DealerTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune01.04.2015

Breaking point soundAdvanced Dealer & The MelodystTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune01.04.2015

HellscreamAdvanced DealerTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune01.04.2015

ShockwaveAmnesys feat. MC AxysTraxtorm Records3 Tunes18.03.2015

Incoming shockwaveAmnesysTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune18.03.2015

ShockwaveAmnesys feat. MC AxysTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune18.03.2015

Words of warArt of FightersTraxtorm Records6 Tunes25.02.2015

Hear me comingArt of Fighters & Meccano TwinsTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune25.02.2015

HellfireArt of Fighters & DJ PredatorTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune25.02.2015

Words of warArt of FightersTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune25.02.2015

Disconnected EPUnexistTraxtorm Records6 Tunes11.02.2015

Disproving God (Destructive Tendencies remix)DJ Mad Dog & UnexistTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune11.02.2015

Disconnected #TiHUnexistTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune11.02.2015

RockusUnexist & DrokzTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune11.02.2015
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