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Back to the raveAdvanced DealerTraxtorm Records4 TunesLast week

Are you afraid of GodAdvanced DealerTraxtorm RecordsSingle tuneLast week

Back to the raveAdvanced DealerTraxtorm RecordsSingle tuneLast week

PartycrasherThe Melodyst & Andy The CoreTraxtorm Records2 Tunes06.10.2016

PartycrasherThe Melodyst & Andy The CoreTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune06.10.2016

BlackoutAmnesys & TommyknockerTraxtorm Records2 Tunes18.08.2016

Blackout (Official Ground Zero hardcore 2016 anthem)Amnesys & TommyknockerTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune18.08.2016

The scream of Eva (Neon Genesis Evangelion tributeArt of FightersTraxtorm Records2 Tunes04.08.2016

The scream of Eva (Neon Genesis Evangelion tribute)Art of FightersTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune04.08.2016

The Invincibles (Official E-Mission 2016 soundtracAniMe - Tatanka - The AnunnakiTraxtorm Records6 Tunes21.07.2016

The Invincibles (E-Mission 2016 Brutale Stage Anthem)The Anunnaki feat. MC AxysTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune21.07.2016

The Invincibles (E-Mission 2016 Hardstyle Mainstage Anthem)TatankaTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune21.07.2016

The Invincibles (E-Mission 2016 Hardcore Mainstage Anthem)AniMe feat. MC AxysTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune21.07.2016

The rushReevoidTraxtorm Records4 Tunes07.07.2016

Bird walkReevoidTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune07.07.2016

The rushReevoidTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune07.07.2016

I hate childrenAlien TTraxtorm Records2 Tunes09.06.2016

I hate childrenAlien TTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune09.06.2016

KillscreenAdvanced Dealer and KutskiTraxtorm Records2 Tunes12.05.2016

KillscreenAdvanced Dealer and KutskiTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune12.05.2016

SicknessAniMeTraxtorm Records2 Tunes21.04.2016

SicknessAniMeTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune21.04.2016

Kill modeThe MelodystTraxtorm Records4 Tunes07.04.2016

Not so badThe MelodystTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune07.04.2016

Kill modeThe MelodystTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune07.04.2016
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