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Down With The RealPredator & CatscanMasters of Hardcore1 TunesThis week

Down With The RealPredator & CatscanMasters of HardcoreSingle tuneThis week

SomniaKorsakoffMasters of Hardcore1 TunesLast week

SomniaKorsakoffMasters of HardcoreSingle tuneLast week

Fire And Blood EPDecipher & ShinraMasters of Hardcore2 Tunes25.01.2016

Way Of LifeDecipher & ShinraMasters of HardcoreSingle tune25.01.2016

Fire And BloodDecipher & ShinraMasters of HardcoreSingle tune25.01.2016

SavagePredator & TriaxMasters of Hardcore1 Tunes11.01.2016

SavagePredator & TriaxMasters of HardcoreSingle tune11.01.2016

Choose The Way EPMeltdownMasters of Hardcore2 Tunes04.01.2016

Surviving The TimesMeltdownMasters of HardcoreSingle tune04.01.2016

Choose The WayMeltdownMasters of HardcoreSingle tune04.01.2016

Rising Spirit EPDr. Peacock & Death By DesignMasters of Hardcore3 Tunes21.12.2015

Death By DyingDeath By DesignMasters of HardcoreSingle tune21.12.2015

A-HoleDeath By DesignMasters of HardcoreSingle tune21.12.2015

Rising SpiritDr. Peacock & Death By DesignMasters of HardcoreSingle tune21.12.2015

Mad As Fuck EPTriaxMasters of Hardcore2 Tunes17.12.2015

Spit In Your FaceTriaxMasters of HardcoreSingle tune17.12.2015

Mad As FuckTriaxMasters of HardcoreSingle tune17.12.2015

Raise & RevoltAngerfistMasters of Hardcore54 Tunes30.11.2015

In A Million YearsAngerfistMasters of HardcoreSingle tune30.11.2015

LoserAngerfistMasters of HardcoreSingle tune30.11.2015

Fuck The PromqueenAngerfistMasters of HardcoreSingle tune30.11.2015

Messing With The Wrong ManAngerfistMasters of HardcoreSingle tune30.11.2015

InframanAngerfist & Dr PeacockMasters of HardcoreSingle tune30.11.2015
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