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MastersCatscan & DecipherMasters of Hardcore1 Tunes09.05.2016

MastersCatscan & DecipherMasters of HardcoreSingle tune09.05.2016

FearceptionDeath By Design & Brutal JestersMasters of Hardcore1 Tunes29.04.2016

FearceptionDeath By Design & Brutal JestersMasters of HardcoreSingle tune29.04.2016

Towards The SunRe-StyleMasters of Hardcore1 Tunes26.04.2016

Towards The SunRe-StyleMasters of HardcoreSingle tune26.04.2016

A New DawnKorsakoff & FuryanMasters of Hardcore1 Tunes19.04.2016

A New DawnKorsakoff & FuryanMasters of HardcoreSingle tune19.04.2016

Black FlowersDaY-Mar & IchaMasters of Hardcore1 Tunes15.04.2016

Black FlowersDaY-Mar & IchaMasters of HardcoreSingle tune15.04.2016

Unit of MeasureRe-Style Masters of Hardcore1 Tunes14.04.2016

Unit Of MeasureRe-StyleMasters of HardcoreSingle tune14.04.2016

The PlagueDypraxMasters of Hardcore1 Tunes13.04.2016

The PlagueDypraxMasters of HardcoreSingle tune13.04.2016

Vitamins EPDecipher & ShinraMasters of Hardcore2 Tunes11.04.2016

VitaminsDecipher & ShinraMasters of HardcoreSingle tune11.04.2016

It's OnDecipher & ShinraMasters of HardcoreSingle tune11.04.2016

The Gangster's BackBodyshockMasters of Hardcore1 Tunes08.04.2016

The Gangster's BackBodyshockMasters of HardcoreSingle tune08.04.2016

Dope ShitUnexist & MalkeMasters of Hardcore1 Tunes07.04.2016

Dope ShitUnexist & MalkeMasters of HardcoreSingle tune07.04.2016

Rage (Bodyshock Remix)CrossfiyahMasters of HardcoreSingle tune31.03.2016

IcebreakerMiss K8Masters of HardcoreSingle tune27.03.2016

SlamMiss K8 & Noize SuppressorMasters of HardcoreSingle tune27.03.2016

ScreamMiss K8 & Radical Redemption feat. MC NolzMasters of HardcoreSingle tune27.03.2016
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