Italian Hardcore Dj/Producer, Giulio Sterbini a.k.a. Chem D starts deejaying in 2002 his home city: Rome.
In 2004 he joins Hardcoreultras. From that moment on they played together in several raves and clubs around center Italy, spreading the passion for rave music. In the meantime he begins producing his own tracks.
In 2009 he moves to The Netherlands and starts producing electronic music and releasing as Chem D.
His tracks appeared on Avanti Records followed by other labels including Audiogenic/R-909, Social Teknology, N.E. Tunes, Beat Syndikate, Footworxx Records and recently Industrial Strength Records and Thunderdome Records.
He played at several parties and festivals around Europe including: Defqon.1 2014 (NL), Hellbound (NL), P.O.R.N.-10 Years Of Terror (NL), E-Mission (IT), Footworxx 10 Years Anniversary (BE), The End Of The World Festival (ES), Together We Are Hardcore Festival (NL), A Nightmare In Italy (IT), Nocturnal Festival (NL), Frenchcore S’il Vous Plait (NL) Slaves To The Rave (IT), Concept Zero (IT), Astrofonik 10 Years Tour (ES) and many more…
He shared the stage with several djs such as: The Sickest Squad, Akira, Dj Producer and many others.
Chem D is the owner of the hardcore label Circuit on which he releases tracks from artists such as: Dualcore, Skoza, Mutante, Bit Reactors and many others.
His dj sets vary from: Hardcore,Frenchcore and Uptempo with Industrial Terror and Breakcore influences delivering a selection of the hardest styles in dance music, offering to the audience a unique solid energetic mix.
His live set is performed with several controllers and consists in a Hardcore/Frenchcore set that will bring the public in a journey thru fast beats and powerfull pounding kicks.