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Hello You Are A Cunt!DJ SmurfThis is Terror6 TunesYesterday

DJ Plague Is A KerntDJ SmurfThis is TerrorSingle tuneYesterday

SRB Is A KerntDJ SmurfThis is TerrorSingle tuneYesterday

Tricky TricksterJam Master SmurfThis is TerrorSingle tuneYesterday

You Are A KerntDJ SmurfThis is TerrorSingle tuneYesterday

Break Some Shite (Jazzie Nookie version)Smurf BiscuitThis is TerrorSingle tuneYesterday

HelloDJ SmurfThis is TerrorSingle tuneYesterday

Start The War EPSRB & The VizitorThis is Terror4 Tunes21.01.2015

Kut TrackSRB & The VizitorThis is TerrorSingle tune21.01.2015

Start The WarSRB & The VizitorThis is TerrorSingle tune21.01.2015

Light Emitting DiodeSRB & The VizitorThis is TerrorSingle tune21.01.2015

Lik Me ReetSRB & The VizitorThis is TerrorSingle tune21.01.2015

Eat Sleep Terror RepeatSRBThis is Terror6 Tunes06.11.2014

Eat Sleep Terror RepeatSRBThis is TerrorSingle tune06.11.2014

Stop the TerrorSRBThis is TerrorSingle tune06.11.2014

Maniac PsychoSRBThis is TerrorSingle tune06.11.2014

Down 4 WattSRBThis is TerrorSingle tune06.11.2014

Bells Of DeathSRBThis is TerrorSingle tune06.11.2014

Pain til I Die (SRB's Muppet Mash-up) (SRB Refix)DioneThis is TerrorSingle tune06.11.2014

This Is Terror! F*ck Memories EditionVarious ArtistsThis is Terror31 Tunes24.10.2014

Ready to dieSRBThis is Terror6 Tunes19.09.2014

Solid Cervezas (Section Grabuge Remix)SRBThis is TerrorSingle tune18.09.2014

DestructionSRBThis is TerrorSingle tune18.09.2014

C.u.n.t.SRBThis is TerrorSingle tune18.09.2014

Down under boosterSRBThis is TerrorSingle tune18.09.2014
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