Preatorian is a unique sound inside the hardcore scene. Dark, cinematic and pure wickedness is how people worldwide described his music. Not following the mainstream, but he follows hes own rebellious mind.

This Dutch musicproducer/DJ started the dark arts of music making since he was 13 years old in the early 90s. From oldskool hardcore, techno, minimal house, DnB and now back to his roots again: hardcore and uptempo. Combining al his styles and love for horror in his own cinematic style.

2021 started good, atm is his music on several big compilation albums like hardcore xxl part 1 and 2 & hardcore thunder megamix and hardcoresoldiers - world of fury , placements on albums like Dominator and more placements are incoming like Hardcore Vibes Vol.6

Want to know more? Follow him on Instagram: @preatorian_official