Background Information
Birth Name: Francesco Adornetto
Born: 14 August 1983
Origin: Milano, Italy
Occupations: Musician, Composer, Remixer, DJ, Sound Engineer, Party Promoter.
Instruments: Computers, Piano Controller, Drum Machines, Various Synthesizer, Music Software and Virtual Studio Instrument and Audio Plug-in Effects
Years active: 1999-present
Labels: Noistorm records, Cerebral Destruction, Masters Of Speedcore

Francesco Adornetto (born 14 August 1983), best known under the pseudonym Frazzbass, is an italian electronic techno-hardcore musician and composer since 1999.
He founded and still works as executive producer and composer for his own Hardsound label group composed by 3 members: Noistorm, Cerebral Destruction and Masters Of Speedcore.
Frazzbass has also recorded music under other aliases and released recordings on many major hardcore labels and distributions including: Audiogenic (Psychik Genocide & Neurotoxic), Sonic Solution (Traxtorm records) , and mixed lots of cd compilations for Thorntree Records(1000%hardcore), Rige (This Is terror), and more…

He played at best hardcore parties and festivals of the globe and he is also dj resident since 2010 @ Number One disco club in Italy.
He recently decided to split his Frazzbass project into other two aliases: Subversion and Speedkore
Subversion started in end of 2009 with Marcello Bragadin (aka Dj D-tox).
In 2010 won the Radium – Piss on me remix contest, and he released his first sold out Subversion album “Master Your Fear”. 
In 2011 after 9 months they released another Subversion compact disc called “The Game”. 
After the second album tour, Marcello decided to move out the group, to dedicate his spare time to his main project as known as Lowroller and to manage the oldest Frazzbass’s label: Cerebral Destruction. 

After that decision, Frazzbass concentrate his time to Noistorm records and he still continues Subversion project. He mixed and produced a big success 50songs compilation, called “Frenchcore s’il vous plait…”, with best 2011 hardsound and hardtekno tracks.
At same time he make also the drummer and the sound engineer for his death metal group: Speedkore. 

In 2005 was originally known as “Komprex vs Frazzbass”, but in 2007, the duo changed name as “Speedkore”, when Damiano Di Maio (the guitarist) take parts of the group. 
They are working on a new album that will be released in second part of 2012.
He is actually working as Frazzbass for a new hardcore/drum’n’bass project that will be released in 2012.
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