Diego Buffoni better know as DJ D is also the executive producer behind Angels of Darkness concept. Born in Bergamo (North of Italy) on 5th december 1982, he started his music career as an hardcore producer and dj when he was only 16 years old. After few years (November 2000) he released his first vinyl on Hardcore Blasters label (DJ D vs DJ LUX "Inside myself E.P."). During the 2002, he started to develop his own unique music style which resulted on the first big hit (DJ D "X-ploration" on June 2002). "Mankind warning" was the party-hit track played by several djs all over the Europe. At beginning of 2004 DJ D released his first album "DB AREA" which was including all the important collaborations with some Dutch headliners like Endymion (Mortal War) and The Viper (Loose Control). Once again in the 2004 DJ D released a track with Endymion on the well know Enzyme label (ENZ011 - WILD). During 2005 it was time to do some other collaboration like Furious Anger with Paul Elstak on Offensive label (which was a big hit in Spain) and "Electro Shocking" with Outblast on MOH label, that was one of the 2005 hardcore floorfilla. While he was performing at the most important parties in Holland as MOH, Decibel, Dominator, Hardcore 4 Life, Thunderdome, Megarave and Nightmare in Rotterdam, DJ D was growing to be a big star in Spain too, resulting in several licences, bookings and remixes. In 2006 DJ D released his second album "The melody man" followed by a European tour that brought him from Moscow, to Madrid, to Alicante, to France, Italy and of course The Netherlands. At the best indoor parties Hellraiser vs Megarave in the huge Beursgebouw arena it’s show-up an unforgettable dj set between Tommyknocker and DJ D: 9.000 jumping hardcore headz!! During the same period “Shock the future” was becoming (and still it is) a bangin’ hit played all over the world. DJ D was in charge also to create the Raving Nightmare anthem “Embrace the mystery”, resulted in a very powerful DJ D styled track. 2007 was the time to develop one more time the style! Just say “Glooooria” and everybody understands: the track became rapidly a big hit all over the world. People screaming everywhere on the dance floor, mainly huge! The year 2008 will become even more important to set up the well know DJ D style with the new upcoming production “Imagine” (when I found you). So let’s try to imagine what DJ D can still do for the hard dance floors!