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Paradox of FreedomCruel IntentionsDerailed Traxx Black1 Tunes16.11.2015

Paradox of FreedomCruel IntentionsDerailed Traxx BlackSingle tune16.11.2015

Harmony of Hardcore 2015Various ArtistsDerailed Traxx Black50 Tunes22.05.2015

IntimidationRadio Killah and MenthalquakeDerailed Traxx BlackSingle tune22.05.2015

About To Get Raw (Short Mix)Endymion and High VoltageDerailed Traxx BlackSingle tune22.05.2015

Fitti At My FissaCruel IntentionsDerailed Traxx Black1 Tunes18.05.2015

Fitti At My FissaCruel IntentionsDerailed Traxx BlackSingle tune18.05.2015

WantedDiablo Project & Physical Damage feat. Da Mouth OfDerailed Traxx Black1 Tunes04.05.2015

WantedDiablo Project and Physical Damage featuring Da Mouth Of MadnessDerailed Traxx BlackSingle tune04.05.2015

IntimidationRadio Killah & MenthalquakeDerailed Traxx Black1 Tunes20.04.2015

IntimidationRadio Killah and MenthalquakeDerailed Traxx BlackSingle tune20.04.2015

Bass Eater EpRadio KillahDerailed Traxx Black3 Tunes30.03.2015

War & Glory (The Melodyst Rmx)Radio KillahDerailed Traxx BlackSingle tune30.03.2015

Bring The Motherfucking BassRadio KillahDerailed Traxx BlackSingle tune30.03.2015

Bass EaterRadio KillahDerailed Traxx BlackSingle tune30.03.2015

Stunned In DisbeliefCruel IntentionsDerailed Traxx Black1 Tunes16.03.2015

Stunned In DisbeliefCruel IntentionsDerailed Traxx BlackSingle tune16.03.2015

DestinyQuitaraDerailed Traxx Black1 Tunes04.03.2015

DestinyQuitaraDerailed Traxx BlackSingle tune02.03.2015

War & Glory EPRadio KillahDerailed Traxx Black2 Tunes03.11.2014

I Said The UndergroundRadio KillahDerailed Traxx BlackSingle tune03.11.2014

War & GloryRadio KillahDerailed Traxx BlackSingle tune03.11.2014

Another LevelQuitaraDerailed Traxx Black1 Tunes20.10.2014

Another LevelQuitaraDerailed Traxx BlackSingle tune20.10.2014

Time To Dance EPNoxiousDerailed Traxx Black3 Tunes06.10.2014
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