Frederic Scherpereel AKA ę Bredasblar Ľ, born the 05/27/1975 in France, discovered electronic music in the 80s with Acid/New Beat and progressivly moved to harder spheres of Techno by spending his night in mythic belgian clubs such as The Cherry Moon, Lagoa or La Bush and a bit later by discovering the work of Bonzai records in the early 90s.
Soon after, Thunderdome compilations turned him to what is today his weapon of choice : Hardcore.

Fredís passion for hard hitting music is broader than digital hardcore. His love for fiercing sounds also illustrate itself in his interest for Metal, Fusion and other Hardcore rock forms (rage against the machine, Sepultura, Faith No More, Ö)

Thatís in 2001 he decided to become a hardcore activist and artist by creating Dark Generation X (DGX) soon joined by Onix and Dj Executor. This new powerful act will soon become a dancefloor rinser specialist thanks unique Live performance skills developped over years of studio training and booking.

DGX live is simply what you want to happen in your gigs !