Thijs Bijlsma always had an addiction for music. In his young years he listened to the more "aberrant" music than most kids of his age, listening to music like Daft Punk, Beastie boys and The Prodigy.
When he first came in contact with the distorted bass drums at the age of 12 he immediately became addicted to the harsh pumping sound of Hardcore.
At the age of 14 he got a virtual mixing program on his computer and learned the basics of mixing.
After some years he could finally purchase some good turntables and a mixer to learn the real deal!
He chose the artist name The Philosopher because he always searched for explanations and answers on how the world "worked"

After some time of practicing he finally played at parties and festivals. Thijs thought of how cool it would be if people would dance on his own music. From that moment on he started making his own music.
Every day he spent time to understand the basics of synthesis, making drum sounds and bought better equipment for his home studio.

The more he listened to different styles of music, the more he got inspired to produce better music. At his age of 19 he decided to focus on making music full time.
He then joined a sound design education to broaden his music and producing knowledge.
After a while he came in contact with the Cenobite label owner Michel Klaassen aka Leviathan.
When they joined in the studio, there was a good musical chemistry between the two and started making productions together.

When Leviathan was asked to make the anthem of Ghosttown 2011, they decided to make the anthem together. The Philosopher will do a B2B set with Leviathan on the GHOSTTOWN 2011 event.
Check out his productions on the Cenobite label
He also joined the Cenobite Dj Crew so keep your eyes and ears open!