DJ Neophyte, born as Jeroen Streunding in 1971, can be considered ‘the brain’ behind the enormous collection of hits that have been released under guises such as Neophyte and Bodylotion.

Since 1993 this man is without a doubt one of the most innovative and creative hardcore producers on this planet. In 14 years of releasing tracks this man has been setting new standards over and over again, and is still doing so nowadays. ‘It keeps me passionate to always look for new directions in hardcore and harder styles. As you get older, all the influences you have come across and that you have absorbed come out and form the producer and dj you are today ’. Even during the period hardcore was experiencing a lack of interest, Neophyte stood his ground and continued his hard work releasing nothing but quality records; a remarkable fact that could only be accomplished by true dedication to his music.

In 1999 DJ Neophyte started his own record label "Neophyte Records", even though hardcore was almost at its lowest point. Still, DJ Neophyte was willing to take the risk. He found one of the things he enjoyed the most was helping young producers to make quality music. This was one of the main reasons to start his own record label; to give new hardcore talents a fair opportunity.

"You know, you can act the big hardcore DJ and think you are the best, but one day a new guy will stand up and beat you. That’s why I love the input of new guys, they have a fresh look on certain things and they force you not be satisfied with yourself too easily. We can learn from each other, you know".

DJ Neophyte’s recipe for this label, ‘pounding beats, tight arrangements, creative sample and synthesizer use, but always with a party-minded atmosphere’, has proven to be successful ever since ‘Neophyte Records 001’ was released. DJ Neophyte has been responsible for many advanced, experimental tracks and countless hardcore floor fillers that appeared on this label.

Together with DJ Panic, DJ Neophyte is also responsible for the creative part of Rotterdam Records, Terror Traxx and Forze Records. Due to great effort and excellent management, these labels are still standing strong after many years. "What goes into managing dance labels is a lot of demo listening, phoning, remixing, planning and certainly stress. The days in which I was just a guy who performed and made records is far behind me. Nowadays it’s a day and night filling job. Sometimes I look back at those days, but hey, this is cool too! It’s what I’ve always wanted."

His DJ performance proves his status as a true artist. From Rotterdam to L.A., from Sydney to Moscow, his performances are always filled with new exclusive productions, combined with excellent mixing and great interaction with the crowd. DJ Neophyte will provide you with a dj set you will never forget; you will believe you have just had a glimpse of the future. A remarkable fact, given the history this man brings to the decks.