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Slow Disappear | EPDistrict7 Devastator Records2 Tunes12.01.2016

Slow DissapearDistrict7 Devastator RecordsSingle tune12.01.2016

ShotgunDistrict7 Devastator RecordsSingle tune12.01.2016

Noisy Bloodshed EPDistrict7 Karnage Records4 Tunes20.07.2015

Knocking Down (Original Mix)District7 Karnage RecordsSingle tune20.07.2015

Oldschool Redneck (Original Mix)District7 Karnage RecordsSingle tune20.07.2015

Noisy Bloodshed (Original Mix)District7 Karnage RecordsSingle tune20.07.2015

Kill Them All (Original Mix)District7 Karnage RecordsSingle tune20.07.2015

Deep Depression EPDistrict7 Inquisition Records3 Tunes06.05.2015

Deep DepressionDistrict7 Inquisition RecordsSingle tune06.05.2015

It's Not PossibleDistrict7 Inquisition RecordsSingle tune06.05.2015

Dead ManDistrict7Inquisition RecordsSingle tune06.05.2015

Digital ArmyDistrict7 Inquisition RecordsSingle tune11.01.2015

District7 - Danger Zone EPDistrict7Hellmute Inquisition Records2 Tunes04.11.2014

Toxic MurderDistrict7 & HellmuteInquisition RecordsSingle tune04.11.2014

Danger ZoneDistrict7 Inquisition RecordsSingle tune04.11.2014

Danger ZoneDistrict7 Inquisition RecordsSingle tune04.11.2014

War Is ComingDistrict7Machinecore RecordsSingle tune19.06.2014

We Are Coming From Darkness (Original Mix)District7Karnage RecordsSingle tune19.05.2014

We Bring The Pain (Official Devastator Anthem 2013Hungry Beats Feat. District7Devastator Records1 Tunes10.10.2013

We Bring The Pain (Official Devastator Anthem)Hungry Beats Feat. District7Devastator RecordsSingle tune10.10.2013

U.C.C.District7 Inquisition RecordsSingle tune30.08.2013

Kill Me EP (Inquisition 001)District7 & Dirty-Z & K12 & The ClampsInquisition Records4 Tunes30.08.2013

Kill MeDistrict7 Inquisition RecordsSingle tune30.08.2013

Voice MachineDistrict7 Inquisition RecordsSingle tune30.08.2013