Where do I begin...
Ever since I was little boy I loved making music.
I gues its because it runs in the family...for example my dad plays the guitar.
I used to slap on my pillow like a drum or playing with a fake guitar made out of elastic cord, just to be like my dad..
In the 80ís I was also in love with the synthersizer sound.
In the end 80ís / beginning 90ís I came in love with the house virus.
Tuen Up The Bass, House Party, Move the House etc. It blew my mind.
Then the Hardcore scene came along, and I was sold till this day.
In the year 1996 I came in contact with the program Fasttracker 2 and learned on my own how to create a track by just using samples.
After that I learnned how to create my own hardcore kicks by using a 808 and a 909 wav sample in the software program wavlab.
at the cross of the new millennium.I decited to buy my own hardware (hardware sampler) because I wanted to grow in the hardcore scene.
Many hardware equipment followed like the Access Virus Rack & Virus B desktop, Nordrack 2, OB-12, Supernove, Alesis Micron etc.
With the knowledge I created in the years using hardware let me to fulfilling my biggest dream.
In 2007 my first Vinyl release was a fact.
After a few years using alot of hardware Iíve decided to make a combonation with advanced software synthersizers and plugins.
After spending more than a year using this combination it gave me more knowledge.
The D-Version Ė More Than Music EP is a part of this result with hopefully more to follow.

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