D-Tune, has always had a interest in music. (no shit!), In 1997 he started playing records at his room! With 2 crappy turntables, a broken mixer,some oldskool/hardcore vinyls! And of course.... an oldskool tapedeck to record the mixtapes!!

A few years later he started playing at local parties, and making music! (Fasttracker 2! Hell yeah!)

Until now, he has played on many local and international parties! (Holland, Spain, France, Germany and Belgium...)
He also released many records on labels like: Derailed Traxx Black, State28Records, Dynamik Traxx, Strictly Jump Records and on his own record label Audio Knowledge, which he started together with Dj Yves!

Follow D-Tune on his Mixcloud account and Facebook artist page, and stay tuned for the upcomming releases, free mashups/bootlegs, mixtapes and bookings dates