Black Death is a creative and energetic person, influenced by everything he sees/experiences. You can see this in his Live performances/DJ sets, he thinks outside the box. He creates his own path, he doesn't do something because everybody does it! He spends almost all his time working on music, he's either producing or thinking about a track/searching for samples/ideas.


At the age of 10, when he started listening to harder music he bought his first hardcore CD {Thunderdome XV}. When he turned 13 he got a double CD player {Numark CDN25} for his birthday, and he started DJ-Ing with all kinds of styles together with his cousin, who had a drive-in show called: Dreams {which he took over for a few years}. Around the age of 16 he discovered even harder music, namely: Terror and Speedcore. he began his Terror/Speedcore DJ career as SL! He had foreign performances in Belgium & Germany and he had performances at Ik Ben Je Bitch Niet, Schijt Aan!, Fucking Bastards and P.O.R.N. He changed his name to Black Death some time ago and he is a part of Speedcore Terror Kinetic now. He started producing tracks in 2007 and plays a wide selection of styles, but now he mainly concentrates on: Terror & Speedcore. In 2013 he started his own label {Saw Blade Records}, because he believes there's still too little experimental & diverse music on the market.