Jorge Ribes better known in Spain as Dj Piwi was born in Alicante, Spain. On 2004 he starts his professional music career as resident dj of one of most important hardcore clubs in Spain, manssion club. Next step was a must to become somebody in the hardcore scene: to produce his own tracks. After 4 years of total dedication to hardcore followed by many releases in several Spanish label, 2008 was the year for a big change. Manssion summer festival 2008 anthem was managed by DJ D & DJ PIWI “Destiny” which gets several positive feedback all over the Europe and becoming big hit very fast. At the end of 2008 Dj Piwi get released his first solo vinyl outside Spain, on the hardcore blasters label “Fly away”: the dream became true! Then … THE CHANGE… he is now RAYDEN… a dark obscure fighter switched from the happiness of his land…to the darkness of the hardcoooore! You will feel it in his sounds..your will hear it…you will DANCE ON IT… so…are you muthafuckin ready?!?!! Because this is the new shit!!