These two longtime friends real hardcore addicts decide at the beginning of 1999 to give life to the project "Imperium Bass. Blending all of their musical experiences and their passion for everything that is unusual. Imperium Bass has become a constantly evolving project always looking for news. They draw their inspiration from the biggest hardcore labels such as Rotterdam, Offensive, or even Neophyte Traxtorm to name a few. Their first title under the name Imperium Bass was "Fucking Danger" made with an old typesetting software (Fast Tracker 2). they have always given their trademark kick with their sequences and their devastating Cut well marked or originality, humor and passion for the hardcore are represented continuously. In January 2007 they released their first live performance-act, mixing mainstream, industrial and frenchcore in Paris, after that they had the opportunity to be invited to other evenings to several performance mixset. It was early 2009 that this two brothers decide to differentiate their style keeping productions Mainstream project Imperium Bass. Giving birth to "Breathing Hell" for more productions and Industrial Dark, hardcore terror under the name of "explicit french terror". In July 2009 they founded the association "Paris hardcore mafia" with dj x-core and Apophis. Their live-act reworked, it has the famous evening Madworld that they present their music phm anthem that was a big success. Over time the label phm record established in May 2010 and the releases of two inseparable friends have been broadcast on the famous hardcore Radio / moh radio.
to be continued