The project Daredevils (previously Hardcore F#ckers), aka Swedza (23) and Joudee (22) from Susice, Czech Republic, was formed in late 2011. It all began with simple tryouts of Techno on old gramophones. As the time passed, their focus shifted towards Drum and Bass for 6 months and later, they switched to harder styles, such as Hardcore, Crossbreed and Industrial. In 2012, they started producing their own music which brought its fruit quite soon and in late 2013 they caught an eye of well known Prague Nightmare and booking started to come up. They played on many events, such as DEVASTATOR, DNB EVENT WITH SIGMA, CIRCULATOR, PNR LABEL NIGHT, TAKE CONTROL, TOXYMORON, DRUMSHOCK (Slovakia), OPEN AIR SVOJSICE, BEATS FOR LOVE, LET IT ROLL, X-MASSACRE, EXPLORATION FESTIVAL. They performed together with famous artists: TOA, SEI2URE, THE ANUNNAKI, TIEUM, HUNGRY BEATS, DR. PEACOCK, THE SICKEST SQUAD, ANDY THE CORE, I:GOR, TRIPPED, ZARDONIC, DJ HIDDEN, KATHARSYS, FRAGZ and HALLUCINATOR. They released tracks on Footworxx records, Inquisition records. All of these can be found on Hardtunes. At present, Daredevils performs on many events all around Czech Republic and they produce new tracks that definitely should not be missed. Get ready for some hardcore shit from Susice!!!