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Over the EdgeXaturate and Al TwistedMotormouth RecordzSingle tune28.10.2016

Search & DestroyAl Twisted & NecroticBrutale6 Tunes14.06.2016

Baddest MFAl Twisted & NecroticBrutaleSingle tune14.06.2016

Fighting talkAl Twisted & NecroticBrutaleSingle tune14.06.2016

Search & DestroyAl Twisted & NecroticBrutaleSingle tune14.06.2016

ScrewfaceAl Twisted and NecroticDarkside UnleashedSingle tune11.05.2016

Drum Fuck EPMatt Green & Al TwistedPRSPCT Recordings4 Tunes14.03.2016

That's WhyMatt Green & Al TwistedPRSPCT RecordingsSingle tune14.03.2016

Nein MillimetreMatt Green & Al TwistedPRSPCT RecordingsSingle tune14.03.2016

More Or LessMatt Green & Al TwistedPRSPCT RecordingsSingle tune14.03.2016

No UnderstandMaat Green & Al TwistedPRSPCT RecordingsSingle tune14.03.2016

A Fist Full of XTCAl Twisted and NecroticMotormouth RecordzSingle tune08.01.2016

Baddest MFAl Twisted and NecroticCloud 9 MusicSingle tune20.07.2015

Straight From BoliviaAl Twisted and NecroticDarkside UnleashedSingle tune19.06.2015

Appetite for DistortionAl Twisted and NecroticMotormouth Recordz2 Tunes20.05.2015

Kick Some Shit - Al Twisted & Necrotic [44Khz 16-Bit Digital Master]Al Twisted and NecroticMotormouth RecordzSingle tune20.05.2015

A Fist Full of XTC - Al Twisted & Necrotic [44Khz 16-Bit Digital Master]Al Twisted and NecroticMotormouth RecordzSingle tune20.05.2015

Chaos Evolves (Relapse remix)Al TwistedDNASingle tune16.04.2015

The HaunterAl Twisted & Necrotic DNASingle tune16.04.2015

Mind ControlAl Twisted & Necrotic DNASingle tune16.04.2015

Ctrl Mind Delete EPAl Twisted & NecroticDNA3 Tunes16.04.2015

Total CorruptionAl Twisted and NecroticMotormouth RecordzSingle tune21.01.2015

Freaks & Hoes Anthem MASTERPartyraiser vs Al Twisted & Joey Riot Partyraiser RecordsSingle tune17.10.2014

4&3&2&1Al Twisted & NecroticFootworxx RecordingsSingle tune01.10.2014

Glasgow Kiss EPAl Twisted & Sleeper CellMegarave Records3 Tunes01.08.2014
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