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Bass for your faceAniMeTraxtorm Records4 Tunes12.11.2014

Bass for your faceAniMeTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune12.11.2014

Army of meAniMe & Advanced DealerTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune12.11.2014

Big bangAmnesysTraxtorm Records5 Tunes29.10.2014

Big bang (STND Edit)AmnesysTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune29.10.2014

The troublemaker #TiHAmnesys feat Axys & NolzTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune29.10.2014

Big bang (Original Mix)AmnesysTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune29.10.2014

Trippin'Placid KTraxtorm Records6 Tunes15.10.2014

Bring the beat back #TiHPlacid KTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune15.10.2014

The choosen onePlacid KTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune15.10.2014

Trippin'Placid KTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune15.10.2014

RewindDJ Mad DogTraxtorm Records6 Tunes10.09.2014

Rewind #TiH (Andy the Core remix)DJ Mad DogTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune10.09.2014

Rewind #TiH (Xcite remix)DJ Mad DogTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune10.09.2014

Rewind #TiHDJ Mad DogTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune10.09.2014

We are the freaksAdvanced DealerTraxtorm Records6 Tunes27.08.2014

War god #TiHAdvanced DealerTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune27.08.2014

ShowtimeAdvanced Dealer feat. MC AxysTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune27.08.2014

We are the freaksAdvanced Dealer feat. Jessica PearsonTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune27.08.2014

Cowards & BitchesAniMeTraxtorm Records4 Tunes06.08.2014

Bitches #TiHAniMeTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune06.08.2014

CowardsAniMeTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune06.08.2014

Keep on rockingArt of FightersTraxtorm Records6 Tunes23.07.2014

Goodbye (See you next time)Art of FightersTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune23.07.2014

My drug: the competitionArt of Fighters & Alien TTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune23.07.2014
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