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Keep on rockingArt of FightersTraxtorm Records6 TunesThis week

Goodbye (See you next time)Art of FightersTraxtorm RecordsSingle tuneThis week

My drug: the competitionArt of Fighters & Alien TTraxtorm RecordsSingle tuneThis week

Keep on rocking #TiHArt of FightersTraxtorm RecordsSingle tuneThis week

Before you goTommyknockerTraxtorm Records8 Tunes10.07.2014

Today is the day #TiHTommyknocker feat. Ian KTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune10.07.2014

Ghost riderTommyknocker feat. UnexistTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune10.07.2014

Thy kingdom fallTommyknocker & Armageddon ProjectTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune10.07.2014

Before you go #TiHTommyknockerTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune10.07.2014

Shock the audienceThe Stunned GuysTraxtorm Records6 Tunes26.06.2014

Atmorico (Mad Dog & Tommyknocker mashup)The Stunned GuysTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune26.06.2014

Dancefloor dictator #TiHThe Stunned GuysTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune26.06.2014

Shock the audience #TiHThe Stunned GuysTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune26.06.2014

Fuck you!Art of FightersTraxtorm Records8 Tunes04.06.2014

Fuck you! (Tapekiller remix)Art of FightersTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune04.06.2014

Fuck you! (Detest "Walk with me in hell" remix)Art of FightersTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune04.06.2014

Fuck you! (Koozah remix)Art of FightersTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune04.06.2014

Fuck you!Art of FightersTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune04.06.2014

Re-Vision E.P.Meccano TwinsTraxtorm Records4 Tunes10.04.2014

Inner side (The Sickest Squad remix)Meccano TwinsTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune10.04.2014

Dissolution (The Melodyst remix)Meccano TwinsTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune10.04.2014

Tendrils of agony (Tieum remix)Meccano TwinsTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune10.04.2014

Fracture #TiHMeccano TwinsTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune10.04.2014

EliminateAmnesys & TommyknockerTraxtorm Records2 Tunes25.03.2014

DisrespectTommyknocker & AmnesysTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune25.03.2014
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