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ProphecyIMPERIALS (LE BASK vs D-MAS)Audiogenic/ Arena4 Tunes04.12.2013

Voice of destiny IMPERIALS (LE BASK vs D-MAS)Audiogenic/ ArenaSingle tune04.12.2013

Sahara war IMPERIALS (LE BASK vs D-MAS)Audiogenic/ ArenaSingle tune04.12.2013

Imperials IMPERIALS (LE BASK vs D-MAS)Audiogenic/ ArenaSingle tune04.12.2013

Chapter One IMPERIALS (LE BASK vs D-MAS)Audiogenic/ ArenaSingle tune04.12.2013

BurnYourCityRadiumAudiogenic/ Arena2 Tunes01.12.2010

Broadcasting the sickIndustrial Terror SquadAudiogenic/ Arena3 Tunes01.09.2010

DestructionX-FlyAudiogenic/ Arena2 Tunes02.12.2009

Round ZeroProgamersAudiogenic/ Arena2 Tunes02.02.2009

Drug ProofRadiumAudiogenic/ Arena2 Tunes20.05.2008

first strike policyIndustrial Terror SquadAudiogenic/ Arena2 Tunes05.02.2008

Moments of executionIndustrial Terror SquadAudiogenic/ Arena3 Tunes01.05.2007

die mix by RadiumRadium & daisyAudiogenic/ Arena2 Tunes02.04.2007

Agressive RadiumAudiogenic/ Arena2 Tunes01.03.2007

Here i cumTieum & PartyraiserAudiogenic/ Arena2 Tunes01.08.2006

EST Electronical sound theory The MasteryAudiogenic/ Arena3 Tunes24.10.2005

ErsatzRadiumAudiogenic/ Arena2 Tunes02.09.2005

Hell singer'sAtkAudiogenic/ Arena4 Tunes04.04.2005

IiiTHE NIHILIST (aka Radium)Audiogenic/ Arena3 Tunes02.03.2005

PigsRADIUM vs TIEUMAudiogenic/ Arena3 Tunes03.05.2004

Volume 2THE NIHILIST (aka Radium)Audiogenic/ Arena3 Tunes02.03.2004

1TieumAudiogenic/ Arena4 Tunes06.10.2003

ex-nihiloTHE NIHILIST (aka Radium)Audiogenic/ Arena4 Tunes19.05.2003