Mekanika aka Matteo Mele is a young roman dj and producer. Since his childhood is appasionated for
techno music transmitted to him by his older brother..
but is just few years later that he been in touch with the hardcore music, a tape borrow by a friend with the track
Destroyer - Khorona nooo and he is immediately in love with this kind of music. So he became obsessed by this music
and he bought a pair of turntables, one mixer and several hardcore vinyls. Starts his artistic career as a dj a dj Frisby and
proposed set of general, old / style being a lover of historic labels pcp ruffneck records id-t industrial strenght mokum bzrk.
He always ambit to be one of the great dj in the world, so he practiced night and day on the turntables to perfect his mixing
technique, after a lot of sacrifices in 2005 born the project Mekanika!! His great mixing technique and is big knowledge
on hardcore sound bring him to play in the biggest roman parties with a significant success with people,
proposing nasty and hard sounds and always trying to bring new sounds .. but this brought him into conflict with the various
organizers, since in that years the roman rave scene had been focused on old style sound. Convinced by his skills,
his big friend Giorgio Hellsystem convince him to create his own music, and in 2008 he bought his professional pc to create music and started to work.
The beginning was so hard and his first demos sounds too oldschool and cheap to be released,
but his friend Hellsystem encouraged him to go on, convinced of his talent and skills. After 2 years of hard work in 2011,
with the constant incouragement of Hellsystem, he reach is own sound, and they present the demo "No Music" to Diego Dj D,
the demo liked and he decide to relase the project and Mekanika join in the Hardcore Blasters family!!! He loves to delivers in his dj
set the hardest an extremes kind of hardcore music!! An explosive power on the console, an devastating power in his sounds…
he is ready to blast the world!!

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