System:Overload has been founded in 2007 after they met at an outdoor event. They got together in the studio and started producing. Soon they realised that the collaboration could get more serious and they met up in the studio more often.

A year later they met DJ J.D.A at a party and he invited them in his studio to produce the anthem for Harmony of Hardcore (a big outdoor party). The result of this collab was: DJ J.D.A featuring System:Overload & MC Syco - Wanted (official Harmony of Hardcore anthem 2010).

In the meantime they were booked at several parties. Both Mike and Mark were used to DJ'ing, as they both played at many parties the years before System:Overload was founded.

They learned a lot from the collab with DJ. J.D.A and the level of their productions got better and better. This was noticed by other people in the scene, among who MC. Tha Watcher.

MC. Tha Watcher asked them to produce another anthem for his party T-Town Madness. So they did.
A few months later the track was picked up by derailed traxx and the new release was born.

At this moment they are working hard on producing new banging releases, so keep you're ears and eyes open for these guys.