Lem-X discovered the world of electronic music in 1993 and started as a DJ during the year 1994. In 1995 he worked for the organization "Or Beat" in Geneva. 3 years later, he becomes a teacher in the "Or Beat Skool" school where he teaches deejaying for several years.

In 2000 he began his first productions, Lem-X has a unique musical style, which allows him to be spotted by the label HSC Records (So-Real), he will produce 5 EP including " Core Never Die " with Mc Rage . During the same year, he will release the track "Geneva Hardcore" on the label Mortal Records

In 2002 he signed for D-Boy Black Label where will be produced the famous track "Madness War" (D-Boy Project 5) and several other EP. The entry into this large family will allow him to play several times in two mythical place in Rimini (Extreme Gheodrome and Ecu Club)

In 2003 he received the Award for the Best Swiss Hardcore DJ (the only time this Award was awarded in Switzerland)

In 2006 he will produce an EP under Impulse Records (Brain Tragedy)

For more than 14 years, he has played in the biggest events in Switzerland, he has also performed in Italy, Germany, Netherland, ... and after more than 500 events, 12 EP, tracks on many compilations, Dj Lem-X decides to stop production and playing in 2007 to focus on other private projects.

In 2017 he begins again playing and the productions for the pleasure and for the fun, and in 2018 he creates the label Handkcuf Records where he will produce the first HAKC001 on Vinyl "Back World" (limited edition of 250 copies). The next is planned in early 2019, with the tracks of several artists

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