Anderson T. has a long carreer as a mixing and mastering engineer.

DJ’ing since 16 years old, Anderson joined to Hard Music Records staff since it’s producing and post-production abilities drawed attention of Paulistos.

Anderson also is an Engineering student and he enjoy to pass it’s spare time doing what ?… Mixing, mastering or producing. Anderson can be found mostly on it’s brand new studio in Brazil, where he also throws some parties with some friends from time to time.

Anderson Tomaz, born June 15, 1986, in Minas Gerais -- Brazil. He spent his childhood being a studious boy, very playful and talkative.

In 2006 he began to be more interested in music production. His father had been a musician, and it seems that music has always insisted on Anderson’s mind to go away.

In 2008, Anderson released his first independent release. “Brainfuck -- Day Of Wrath”, although widely criticized in the Brazilian territory, gained some prominence worldwide, but unfortunately, still no label was interested.

Between 2008 and 2009, his passion for hardstyle and the public led him to be the most prejudiced another sad episode of the Brazilian electronic music. Evil people there and without character transform the dream of a great hard dance event in Brazil in nothing but dreams.

Tired of it all, Anderson is far from the public way and is a recluse in his new studio. All this had a purpose, doing what he knows and loves, without relying on others to do so.

This time of imprisonment and hard work gives results. Early in 2010, Anderson is approached by Paul Kocian, owner of the newly formed Hard Music Records, and soon, already understand and close the contract.

Soon, Anderson becomes a vital part of this new label, working not only as a music producer but also as an arranger, mixing engineer and mastering.

His first song released worldwide (Anderson T. -- Kentaurus) is an absolute success. The release (containing three songs by other artists) draws attention to all this new record.

Currently, the eve of the release of their second release (HMR002 -- Anderson T & Paulistos), Anderson still works mixing and mastering songs for other producers in the Hard Music Records and is preparing a big release later this year to December.

Since 2010 is a year where upheavals happened in his young career.

Anderson finally has the recognition for his work from the beginning was rewarding.

Anderson became the largest Brazilian reference in the global arena of hard dance, but the future is still uncertain.

First of all, Anderson plans to finish his studies in civil engineering, courses in his hometown. Beyond that, Anderson is prepared to go as far to take his inevitable success.