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Terror In Me EpBerry Recharge Vs DecisiveKurrupt Recordings HARD3 TunesLast week

Stylecore EPNaughty KicksKurrupt Recordings HARD3 TunesLast week

Why Am I Doing ThisBerry Recharge Vs DecisiveKurrupt Recordings HARDSingle tuneLast week

Terror In Me DiedBerry Recharge Vs DecisiveKurrupt Recordings HARDSingle tuneLast week

No TricsBerry Recharge Vs DecisiveKurrupt Recordings HARDSingle tuneLast week

No Boyfriend No ProblemNaughty Kicks Feat. Drug FuckersKurrupt Recordings HARDSingle tuneLast week

Stylecore (Alex Escriva Remix)Naughty Kicks Feat. Noyze & NahunKurrupt Recordings HARDSingle tuneLast week

StylecoreNaughty Kicks Feat. Noyze & NahunKurrupt Recordings HARDSingle tuneLast week

Wolves OutChaotic Hostility , Violence & BaneKurrupt Recordings HARDSingle tuneLast week

Fuck Up Everything EPChaotic HostilityKurrupt Recordings HARD3 TunesLast week

Hardcore ShitChaotic HostilityKurrupt Recordings HARDSingle tuneLast week

Fuck Up EverythingChaotic HostilityKurrupt Recordings HARDSingle tuneLast week

The Beginning EPEuphorityKurrupt Recordings HARD4 Tunes17.07.2015

Pure DestructionEuphorityKurrupt Recordings HARDSingle tune13.06.2015

EpicnessEuphorityKurrupt Recordings HARDSingle tune13.06.2015

Pure Destruction EditEuphorityKurrupt Recordings HARDSingle tune13.06.2015

The Demon InsideEuphorityKurrupt Recordings HARDSingle tune13.06.2015

Overdrive Remix EPKurruptKurrupt Recordings HARD7 Tunes12.06.2015

The Dutch Connection AlbumVarious ArtistsKurrupt Recordings HARD18 Tunes26.04.2015

Silent Trip EPAccuserKurrupt Recordings HARD2 Tunes25.04.2015

Bad Trip Feat . GyzeAccuserKurrupt Recordings HARDSingle tune25.04.2015

Silent HillAccuserKurrupt recordings HARDSingle tune25.04.2015

Wrong Is RightPsycophyteKurrupt Recordings HARDSingle tune25.04.2015

HellishMadness MethodKurrupt Recordings HARDSingle tune25.04.2015

Dark NeedsAudio NailKurrupt Recordings HARDSingle tune25.04.2015
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