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Flashbacks EPDj TerrorKurrupt Recordings HARD3 TunesLast week

SadistDj TerrorKurrupt Recordings HARDSingle tuneLast week

808 DrumzDj TerrorKurrupt Recordings HARDSingle tuneLast week

FlashbacksDj TerrorKurrupt Recordings HARDSingle tuneLast week

Living A Last LifeFinal DefenceKurrupt Recordings HARDSingle tune05.04.2014

Satan ( HARD EN ONTERECHT ANTHEM ) Danny Ovington / Unix-ClanKurrupt Recordings HARD1 Tunes28.03.2014

Satan ( HARD EN ONTERECHT ANTHEM ) (Unix - Clan Remix)Danny OvingtonKurrupt Recordings HARDSingle tune28.03.2014

Kurrupt Recordings HARD Promo Mx | April 2014KurruptKurrupt Recordings HARDMix23.03.2014

Clap Your HandsKombo TwinzKurrupt Recordings HARD1 Tunes19.03.2014

Clap Your HandsKombo TwinzKurrupt Recordings HARDSingle tune19.03.2014

It's A KidnappingTwnty3Kurrupt Recordings HARDSingle tune19.03.2014

Chemical Generation EPKurruptKurrupt Recordings HARD2 Tunes08.03.2014

Lacrimosa EPDark BayronKurrupt Recordings HARD3 Tunes08.03.2014

Chemical Generation (Danny Ovington Remix)KurruptKurrupt Recordings HARDSingle tune08.03.2014

Chemical Generation (Original 1999 Edit - Previously Unreleased)KurruptKurrupt Recordings HARDSingle tune08.03.2014

InsomniaDark BayronKurrupt Recordings HARDSingle tune08.03.2014

Lacrimosa (Mindestruction Remix)Dark BayronKurrupt Recordings HARDSingle tune08.03.2014

LacrimosaDark BayronKurrupt Recordings HARDSingle tune08.03.2014

Sex, Drugs & Frenchcore EpSlidzyKurrupt Recordings HARD3 Tunes02.03.2014

Take 'Em UpSlidzyKurrupt Recordings HARDSingle tune02.03.2014

Lord Of War EpSeeds of The Upcoming InfectionKurrupt Recordings HARD2 Tunes01.03.2014

Pop The TrunkSlidzyKurrupt Recordings HARDSingle tune01.03.2014

Sex, Drugs & FrenchcoreSlidzyKurrupt Recordings HARDSingle tune01.03.2014

SnarophiliaSeeds of The Upcoming InfectionKurrupt Recordings HARDSingle tune01.03.2014

Weapon Of Mass Destruction EPDestructive IndustryKurrupt Recordings HARD3 Tunes28.02.2014
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