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Baddest Motherfucker EPThe UnfamousOffensive Records4 TunesLast week

DöpplegangerThe UnfamousOffensive RecordsSingle tuneLast week

SlutmachineThe UnfamousOffensive RecordsSingle tuneLast week

Baddest MotherfuckerThe Unfamous & DJ Paul ElstakOffensive RecordsSingle tuneLast week

Rage (The Unfamous & Radiate Remix)DJ Paul Elstak Feat. RuffianOffensive RecordsSingle tuneLast week

Offensive presents: CryogenicCryogenicOffensive2 Tunes13.02.2015

VictimizedCryogenicOffensive RecordsSingle tune13.02.2015

Angels Deserve To Die RMX (Fucked up by Cryogenic)Paul Elstak ft. Beatstream & RadiateOffensive RecordsSingle tune13.02.2015

Shut Up! EPThe BeatKrusherOffensive Records2 Tunes25.09.2014

GravestoneThe BeatKrusherOffensive RecordsSingle tune25.09.2014

Shut up!The BeatKrusher feat. RuffianOffensive RecordsSingle tune25.09.2014

Sense of Hardcore ! Free Track !The BeatKrusherOffensive RecordsSingle tune11.09.2014

Coming for you EPThe BeatKrusherOffensive Records4 Tunes27.06.2014

It's GoneThe BeatKrusherOffensive RecordsSingle tune27.06.2014

The DarkThe BeatKrusherOffensive RecordsSingle tune27.06.2014

NinjaThe BeatKrusherOffensive RecordsSingle tune27.06.2014

Coming for youThe Beatkrusher Ft. Morris LaneOffensive RecordsSingle tune27.06.2014

Hardcore Evil EPRadiateOffensive Records4 Tunes02.05.2014

Dropping itDJ Paul Elstak & RadiateOffensive RecordsSingle tune02.05.2014

Can't take itRadiateOffensive RecordsSingle tune02.05.2014

SurvivalThe Beatkrusher feat. RadiateOffensive RecordsSingle tune02.05.2014

Hardcore EvilRadiateOffensive RecordsSingle tune02.05.2014

Music In MeThe BeatKrusherOffensive Records6 Tunes07.03.2014

Once And For All (The BeatKrusher Brohymn Remix)Paul Elstak feat. FirestoneOffensive RecordsSingle tune07.03.2014

PlayThe BeatKrusherOffensive RecordsSingle tune07.03.2014
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