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Bow That BassRadiateOffensive Records4 Tunes11.09.2015

To da Rhythm ((Radiate's remix))Radiate & BeatstreamOffensive RecordsSingle tune10.09.2015

Dark timesRadiateOffensive RecordsSingle tune10.09.2015

Bow That BassRadiateOffensive RecordsSingle tune10.09.2015

I had To kill lot of people ((The Unfamous & Radiate 2015 Rmx) )DJ Paul ElstakOffensive RecordsSingle tune10.09.2015

Fokking Hard EpDJ Paul ElstakOffensive3 Tunes20.05.2015

Back from the dead (Remix by The Unfamous)DJ Paul Elstak & PartyraiserOffensiveSingle tune20.05.2015

Show me what you gotDJ Paul Elstak & The UnfamousOffensiveSingle tune20.05.2015

Fokking HardDJ Paul ElstakOffensiveSingle tune20.05.2015

RecklessThe BeatKrusherOffensive Records3 Tunes24.04.2015

RecklessThe BeatKrusher Ft. Mike Redman RecklessOffensive RecordsSingle tune24.04.2015

Still GangstaThe BeatKrusher Offensive RecordsSingle tune24.04.2015

Blood, sweat & hardcore (The BeatKrusher Remix) DJ Paul ft Firestone & MC Ruffian Offensive RecordsSingle tune24.04.2015

Baddest Motherfucker EPThe UnfamousOffensive Records4 Tunes27.03.2015

DöpplegangerThe UnfamousOffensive RecordsSingle tune27.03.2015

SlutmachineThe UnfamousOffensive RecordsSingle tune27.03.2015

Baddest MotherfuckerThe Unfamous & DJ Paul ElstakOffensive RecordsSingle tune27.03.2015

Rage (The Unfamous & Radiate Remix)DJ Paul Elstak Feat. RuffianOffensive RecordsSingle tune27.03.2015

Offensive presents: CryogenicCryogenicOffensive2 Tunes13.02.2015

VictimizedCryogenicOffensive RecordsSingle tune13.02.2015

Angels Deserve To Die RMX (Fucked up by Cryogenic)Paul Elstak ft. Beatstream & RadiateOffensive RecordsSingle tune13.02.2015

Shut Up! EPThe BeatKrusherOffensive Records2 Tunes25.09.2014

GravestoneThe BeatKrusherOffensive RecordsSingle tune25.09.2014

Shut up!The BeatKrusher feat. RuffianOffensive RecordsSingle tune25.09.2014

Sense of Hardcore ! Free Track !The BeatKrusherOffensive RecordsSingle tune11.09.2014
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