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We Make You Feel ....Rotterdam Terror CorpsMegarave Records4 Tunes02.11.2015

Feesten tot ik sterf (2015 Mastermix)Rotterdam Terror CorpsMegarave RecordsSingle tune02.11.2015

We make you feel ....Rotterdam Terror Corps & DioneMegarave RecordsSingle tune17.10.2015

Before Dawn EPRotterdam Terror CorpsMegarave Records4 Tunes09.01.2015

Terror feelings (Remix by Roughsketch)Rotterdam Terror CorpsMegarave RecordsSingle tune08.01.2015

SurvivorsRotterdam Terror Corps & DioneMegarave RecordsSingle tune08.01.2015

We're gonna blow your mind (Dr. Macabre Remix)Rotterdam Terror CorpsRotterdam Terror CorpsSingle tune08.12.2014

The music is too much (Hey, hey) (Remastered )Rotterdam Terror CorpsRotterdam Terror CorpsSingle tune08.12.2014

Schizophrenic (Remastered )Rotterdam Terror CorpsRotterdam Terror CorpsSingle tune08.12.2014

The final part of RaveworldRotterdam Terror CorpsMegarave RecordsSingle tune30.06.2014

Dirty BastardsSRB vs Rotterdam Terror CorpsThe Third MovementSingle tune14.03.2014

Nu Metalz EPRotterdam Terror CorpsMegarave Records5 Tunes03.01.2014

We Keep ComingRotterdam Terror Corps vs SRBMegarave RecordsSingle tune03.01.2014

On FireRotterdam Terror Corps feat. DioneMegarave RecordsSingle tune03.01.2014

Dirty BastardsRotterdam Terror Corps vs SRBMegarave RecordsSingle tune03.01.2014

Time to kill another one ( Remix by Hungry Beats)Rotterdam Terror Corps & The HitmenMegarave RecordsSingle tune03.01.2014

Dirty BastardsSRB vs Rotterdam Terror CorpsThis is TerrorSingle tune14.12.2013

Destiny EPRotterdam Terror CorpsMegarave Records3 Tunes13.09.2013

Troublemaker (The Beatkrusher Remix) (The BeatKrusher Remix)Rotterdam Terror CorpsMegarave RecordsSingle tune10.09.2013

GatekeeperRotterdam Terror CorpsMegarave RecordsSingle tune10.09.2013

DestinyRotterdam Terror Corps vs DioneMegarave RecordsSingle tune10.09.2013

Respect the coreRotterdam Terror CorpsMegarave Records27 Tunes09.05.2013

Here comes the drumz (RedOgre Remix)Rotterdam Terror CorpsMegarave RecordsSingle tune09.05.2013

Nobody harder (Akiradeath Remix)Rotterdam Terror CorpsMegarave RecordsSingle tune09.05.2013

The horror (DJ Myosuke Remix)Rotterdam Terror CorpsMegarave RecordsSingle tune09.05.2013
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