The concept behind Acid Enema began shortly after,the dissolvement of Agape Christian Preschool, an industrial project formed by Abhorrent and Wayne Ulmer. Aiming to emulate the sound of Skinny Puppy, Download, Sheep on Drugs, and KMFDM using a Boss DR-550 drum machine and a half-broken Casio keyboard running through distortion pedals. The resulting output was abysmal, and the two went on to work on seperate projects.

Heavily influenced by both death metal and hardcore techno (after getting a hold of DJ Tran's "Fucking Ballistic 666''), Abhorrent started to experiment with music software Multiquence and Hammerhead to produce hardcore. Further influenced by Jack Lucifer, Disciples of Belial and The Berzeker, Abhorrent moved further into speedcore and deathcore. The first Acid Enema release (a demo cassette) was un­leashed in 1997.

Towards the end of the 1990s, Abhorrent moved from death metal into black metal, a genre with ethos that he still very much aligns with to this day. Pushing the black­ened speedcore limits he achieved with 2000's "Hymns of Hate" on Widerstand Re­cords, Abhorrent set to record a fuly black metal record. In 2002, Acid Enema re­leased a split with DSBM group Xasthur, which has saw 2 re-releases in the past decade.

Acid Enema largely went in exile in 2003, and Abhorrent shifted focus to depressive blackened speedcore project Sangre. Largely dormant since moving to Las Vegas, Abhorrent found in this desert wasteland another kindred spirit with the same pas­sion for hardcore / speedcore and black metal in 2014.

After a long absence, Acid Enema has returned and is recording new music and an­ticipate upcoming shows in both Nevada and California in 2015 and beyond. The ad­dition of Noth on guitars, bass and collaborator has raised Acid Enema from the dead. Prepare yourself for blackened, low fi raw speedcore.

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