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Keep FreakinRe-Style & Bass-DMasters of Hardcore1 TunesThis week

Keep FreakinRe-Style & Bass-DMasters of HardcoreSingle tuneThis week

Miscreant EPDypraxMasters of Hardcore2 TunesThis week

The Future (Tha Playah Remix)DypraxMasters of HardcoreSingle tuneThis week

MiscreantDypraxMasters of HardcoreSingle tuneThis week

K.O.Decipher & Shinra feat. MC Tha WatcherMasters of Hardcore1 TunesLast week

K.O.Decipher & Shinra feat. MC Tha WatcherMasters of HardcoreSingle tuneLast week

SkreamRe-Style & KorsakoffMasters of Hardcore1 Tunes09.11.2015

SkreamRe-Style & KorsakoffMasters of HardcoreSingle tune09.11.2015

Made Me A WeaponDyprax & CrossfiyahMasters of Hardcore1 Tunes22.10.2015

Made Me A WeaponDyprax & CrossfiyahMasters of HardcoreSingle tune22.10.2015

The Assault EPDecipher & ShinraMasters of Hardcore2 Tunes08.10.2015

TearsDecipher & Shinra vs CatscanMasters of HardcoreSingle tune08.10.2015

How To FuckDecipher & ShinraMasters of HardcoreSingle tune08.10.2015

FireBodyshockMasters of Hardcore1 Tunes23.09.2015

FireBodyshockMasters of HardcoreSingle tune23.09.2015

Posse of the Hard (Official Syndicate Anthem 2015)Dyprax & MC NolzMasters of Hardcore1 Tunes21.09.2015

Posse of the Hard (Official Syndicate Anthem 2015)Dyprax & MC NolzMasters of HardcoreSingle tune21.09.2015

Rip It UpDrokzMasters of Hardcore1 Tunes18.09.2015

Rip It UpDrokzMasters of HardcoreSingle tune18.09.2015

Forge Your Freedom Re-Style ft. MC Tha WatcherMasters of Hardcore1 Tunes20.07.2015

Forge Your FreedomRe-Style ft. MC Tha WatcherMasters of HardcoreSingle tune20.07.2015

Hurt (Original Mix)Korsakoff and Day-Mar featuring Erik LindemanMasters Of HardcoreSingle tune15.07.2015

Riders of RetaliationTha Playah & NosferatuMasters of Hardcore1 Tunes09.07.2015

Riders of Retaliation (Official Dominator Anthem 2015)Tha Playah & NosferatuMasters of HardcoreSingle tune09.07.2015
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