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Synchronized E.P.Dyprax & BodyshockMasters of Hardcore3 Tunes14.08.2014

Betrayed (Full version)DypraxMasters of HardcoreSingle tune14.08.2014

Bitch! (Full version)BodyshockMasters of HardcoreSingle tune14.08.2014

Ominous (Full version)Dyprax & BodyshockMasters of HardcoreSingle tune14.08.2014

Temporary EcstasyT-Junction & RudeboyMasters of Hardcore2 Tunes23.07.2014

Echoes of Memories (Nitrogenetics rmx) (Full version)RudeboyMasters of HardcoreSingle tune23.07.2014

Temporary Ecstasy (Full version)T-Junction & RudeboyMasters of HardcoreSingle tune23.07.2014

Metropolis of Massacre (Official Dominator Anthem Miss K8 ft. MC NolzMasters of Hardcore1 Tunes02.07.2014

Metropolis of Massacre (Official Dominator Anthem 2014) (Full version)Miss K8 ft. MC NolzMasters of HardcoreSingle tune02.07.2014

#WeekendLowrollerMasters of Hardcore3 Tunes30.06.2014

Savage Station (Full version)LowrollerMasters of HardcoreSingle tune30.06.2014

Fucking Die (Full version)LowrollerMasters of HardcoreSingle tune30.06.2014

#Weekend (Full version)LowrollerMasters of HardcoreSingle tune30.06.2014

RebellionRe-StyleMasters of Hardcore3 Tunes16.05.2014

Lockdown (Full version)Re-Style & PredatorMasters of HardcoreSingle tune16.05.2014

Dark Clouds (Full version)Re-StyleMasters of HardcoreSingle tune16.05.2014

Rebellion (Full version)Re-Style & KorsakoffMasters of HardcoreSingle tune16.05.2014

My ReligionJavi BossMasters of Hardcore4 Tunes09.05.2014

The Man Is A Boy Again (Full version)Javi BossMasters of HardcoreSingle tune09.05.2014

D.b.t.p. (Full version)Javi BossMasters of HardcoreSingle tune09.05.2014

Distress (Full version)Javi BossMasters of HardcoreSingle tune09.05.2014

My Religion (Full version)Javi BossMasters of HardcoreSingle tune09.05.2014

Devilism E.P.DaY-Mar & DrokzMasters of Hardcore3 Tunes07.05.2014

RIP (Full version)DaY-Mar & DrokzMasters of HardcoreSingle tune07.05.2014

Devilism (Drokz remix) (Full version)DaY-Mar & DrokzMasters of HardcoreSingle tune07.05.2014
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