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Koalition Norse Edition EPSplinter CellThe ClampsKarnage Records4 Tunes07.12.2015

Guilty (Original Mix)The ClampsKarnage RecordsSingle tune07.12.2015

One Second (Original Mix)Splinter CellKarnage RecordsSingle tune07.12.2015

We Are Karnage (Original Mix)The ClampsKarnage RecordsSingle tune07.12.2015

Unleash Hell (Koalition Norse Edition Anthem)Splinter CellKarnage RecordsSingle tune07.12.2015

Noisy Bloodshed EPDistrict7 Karnage Records4 Tunes20.07.2015

Knocking Down (Original Mix)District7 Karnage RecordsSingle tune20.07.2015

Oldschool Redneck (Original Mix)District7 Karnage RecordsSingle tune20.07.2015

Noisy Bloodshed (Original Mix)District7 Karnage RecordsSingle tune20.07.2015

Kill Them All (Original Mix)District7 Karnage RecordsSingle tune20.07.2015

The Signal EPSplinter CellKarnage Records3 Tunes19.01.2015

Contagion (Original Mix)Splinter CellKarnage RecordsSingle tune19.01.2015

Heroes & Monsters (Original Mix)Splinter CellKarnage RecordsSingle tune19.01.2015

The Signal (Original Mix)Splinter CellKarnage RecordsSingle tune19.01.2015

Fear Control EPTugieKarnage Records4 Tunes06.10.2014

Begotten Wrath (Original Mix)TugieKarnage RecordsSingle tune06.10.2014

Memories In Music (Original Mix)TugieKarnage RecordsSingle tune06.10.2014

Fear Control (Original Mix)TugieKarnage RecordsSingle tune06.10.2014

Symphonic Destroyer (Original Mix)TugieKarnage RecordsSingle tune06.10.2014

Never Give Up EPIgneon SystemThe ClampsSplinter CellDistrictKarnage Records4 Tunes19.05.2014

Play For Blood (Original Mix)Igneon SystemKarnage RecordsSingle tune19.05.2014

Lily's Theme (Original Mix)The ClampsKarnage RecordsSingle tune19.05.2014

Killer (Original Mix)Splinter CellKarnage RecordsSingle tune19.05.2014

We Are Coming From Darkness (Original Mix)District7Karnage RecordsSingle tune19.05.2014

Incorporate (Konnect Session 2014 Anthem)The ClampsKarnage RecordsSingle tune11.04.2014
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