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Path of MayhemQuitaraDerailed Traxx Black1 TunesLast week

Path of MayhemQuitaraDerailed Traxx BlackSingle tuneLast week

Protect/Destroy EPCruel IntentionsDerailed Traxx Black2 Tunes27.06.2014

Better Street RhythmsCruel IntentionsDerailed Traxx BlackSingle tune27.06.2014

Protect/DestroyCruel IntentionsDerailed Traxx BlackSingle tune27.06.2014

Harmony of Hardcore 2014Various ArtistsDerailed Traxx Black47 Tunes06.06.2014

Street FighterAngerfistDerailed Traxx BlackSingle tune06.06.2014

ViciousQuitaraDerailed Traxx BlackSingle tune06.06.2014

Life from the Other Side (Ophidian Remix)DJ PromoDerailed Traxx BlackSingle tune06.06.2014

Last Goodbye (Original Mix)Physical Damage and Popr3b3l featuring Da Mouth Of MadnessDerailed Traxx BlackSingle tune06.06.2014

The Middle Children (DJ The Viper Remix)OphidianDerailed Traxx BlackSingle tune06.06.2014

StrongerRadio KillahDerailed Traxx BlackSingle tune06.06.2014

Last GoodbyePhysical Damage and Popr3b3l featuring Da Mouth OfDerailed Traxx Black1 Tunes30.05.2014

Last Goodbye (Original Mix)Physical Damage and Popr3b3l featuring Da Mouth Of MadnessDerailed Traxx BlackSingle tune30.05.2014

ViciousQuitaraDerailed Traxx Black1 Tunes28.04.2014

ViciousQuitaraDerailed Traxx BlackSingle tune28.04.2014

Competition EPRadio KillahDerailed Traxx Black3 Tunes07.04.2014

StrongerRadio KillahDerailed Traxx BlackSingle tune07.04.2014

Sit Back & WaitRadio KillahDerailed Traxx BlackSingle tune07.04.2014

CompetitionRadio KillahDerailed Traxx BlackSingle tune07.04.2014

Imagine EPNoxiousDerailed Traxx Black3 Tunes24.02.2014

The World of SoundNoxiousDerailed Traxx BlackSingle tune24.02.2014

Life Isn't SimpleNoxiousDerailed Traxx BlackSingle tune24.02.2014

ImagineNoxiousDerailed Traxx BlackSingle tune24.02.2014

DedicationQuitaraDerailed Traxx BlackSingle tune31.01.2014
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