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Vs zombiesThe Speed Freak & StormtrooperAudiogenic/ absurd audio4 Tunes12.02.2014

Shotguns For The Undead StormtrooperAudiogenic/ absurd audioSingle tune12.02.2014

Zombies From Outer Space The Speed FreakAudiogenic/ absurd audioSingle tune12.02.2014

Zombie Orgy from Hell StormtrooperAudiogenic/ absurd audioSingle tune12.02.2014

Army Of The Undead The Speed FreakAudiogenic/ absurd audioSingle tune12.02.2014

ProphecyIMPERIALS (LE BASK vs D-MAS)Audiogenic/ Arena4 Tunes04.12.2013

Voice of destiny IMPERIALS (LE BASK vs D-MAS)Audiogenic/ ArenaSingle tune04.12.2013

Sahara war IMPERIALS (LE BASK vs D-MAS)Audiogenic/ ArenaSingle tune04.12.2013

Imperials IMPERIALS (LE BASK vs D-MAS)Audiogenic/ ArenaSingle tune04.12.2013

Chapter One IMPERIALS (LE BASK vs D-MAS)Audiogenic/ ArenaSingle tune04.12.2013

Digital Violence AutopsyAudiogenic/ Absurd Audio4 Tunes06.02.2012

Delete MankindAutopsyAudiogenic/ Absurd AudioSingle tune06.02.2012

Destroying MCsAutopsyAudiogenic/ Absurd AudioSingle tune06.02.2012

Controling the Chaos (Vocal VIP)AutopsyAudiogenic/ Absurd AudioSingle tune06.02.2012

Bass Abuse (Drum Test Mix)AutopsyAudiogenic/ Absurd AudioSingle tune06.02.2012

Blackout Project - Part 1MaissouilleAudiogenic/ Psychik Genocide3 Tunes30.11.2011

Hardcore Is Not A Crime Pirate MindAudiogenic/ neurotoxicSingle tune16.11.2011

Rien A Prouver Pirate MindAudiogenic/ neurotoxicSingle tune16.11.2011

Zero TolerancePsikoAudiogenic/ psychik genocide4 Tunes28.10.2011

Program Z PsikoAudiogenic/ psychik genocideSingle tune28.10.2011

Guitar Zero PsikoAudiogenic/ psychik genocideSingle tune28.10.2011

I Wanna Bash You PsikoAudiogenic/ psychik genocideSingle tune28.10.2011

Chainsaw Rules PsikoAudiogenic/ psychik genocideSingle tune28.10.2011

We are the resistanceAdrenokromeAudiogenic/ neurotoxic4 Tunes18.10.2011

The Illuminati Fucker AdrenokromeAudiogenic/ neurotoxicSingle tune18.10.2011
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