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Restart the party #TiHArt of Fighters vs Nico & TettaTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune04.03.2013

Gangsta & gangstaNico & TettaTraxtorm Records3 Tunes08.01.2009

IntoxicationNico & TettaTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune08.01.2009

UntouchablesNico & TettaTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune08.01.2009

Gangsta & gangstaNico & TettaTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune08.01.2009

RevengeArt Of Fighters vs Nico & TettaTraxtorm Records3 Tunes08.02.2006

I became hardcore (Angerfist rmx)Art of Fighters vs Nico & TettaTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune08.02.2006

Shotgun (Aof reloaded)Art of Fighters vs Nico & TettaTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune08.02.2006

RevengeArt of Fighters vs Nico & TettaTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune08.02.2006

Hardcore motherfuckerNico & TettaTraxtorm Records3 Tunes05.03.2004

BraveheartNico & TettaTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune05.03.2004

Born in floridaNico & TettaTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune05.03.2004

Hardcore motherfuckerNico & TettaTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune05.03.2004

I became hardcoreArt Of Fighters vs Nico & TettaTraxtorm Records3 Tunes18.09.2003

Pump motherfuckersArt of Fighters vs Nico & TettaTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune18.09.2003

Balls breakersArt of Fighters vs Nico & TettaTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune18.09.2003

I became hardcoreArt of Fighters vs Nico & TettaTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune18.09.2003

ShotgunArt Of Fighters vs Nico & TettaTraxtorm Records4 Tunes10.09.2001

Release 4Art of Fighters vs Nico & TettaTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune10.09.2001

ShotgunArt of Fighters vs Nico & TettaTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune10.09.2001

Alleluja motherfuckersArt of Fighters vs Nico & TettaTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune10.09.2001

Try to be stillArt of Fighters vs Nico & TettaTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune10.09.2001