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Keep FreakinRe-Style & Bass-DMasters of Hardcore1 Tunes24.11.2015

Keep FreakinRe-Style & Bass-DMasters of HardcoreSingle tune24.11.2015

SkreamRe-Style & KorsakoffMasters of Hardcore1 Tunes09.11.2015

SkreamRe-Style & KorsakoffMasters of HardcoreSingle tune09.11.2015

Night & Day (Original Mix)The Viper & Re-Style ft. DieselFoolishSingle tune28.08.2015

Forge Your Freedom Re-Style ft. MC Tha WatcherMasters of Hardcore1 Tunes20.07.2015

Forge Your FreedomRe-Style ft. MC Tha WatcherMasters of HardcoreSingle tune20.07.2015

ViciousRe-StyleMasters of Hardcore1 Tunes13.03.2015

ViciousRe-StyleMasters of HardcoreSingle tune13.03.2015

Brainstorm E.P.Re-StyleMasters of Hardcore2 Tunes13.01.2015

Bust OutRe-Style & Bass-DMasters of HardcoreSingle tune13.01.2015

BrainstormRe-StyleMasters of HardcoreSingle tune13.01.2015

Wasted WorldKorsakoff & Re-StyleMasters of HardcoreSingle tune16.12.2014

ExplicitKasparov & Re-Style ft. DieselNeophyte2 Tunes13.11.2014

Explicit (Extended Mix)Kasparov & Re-Style ft. DieselNeophyteSingle tune13.11.2014

LockdownRe-Style and PredatorCloud 9 MusicSingle tune19.07.2014

RebellionRe-StyleMasters of Hardcore3 Tunes16.05.2014

Lockdown (Full version)Re-Style & PredatorMasters of HardcoreSingle tune16.05.2014

Dark Clouds (Full version)Re-StyleMasters of HardcoreSingle tune16.05.2014

Rebellion (Full version)Re-Style & KorsakoffMasters of HardcoreSingle tune16.05.2014

Project Hardcore PH13Re-Style and TieumBe Yourself Music44 Tunes13.12.2013

Command & reclaimRe-Style & CatscanMasters of Hardcore2 Tunes02.12.2013

ReclaimRe-Style & CatscanMasters of HardcoreSingle tune02.12.2013

CommanderRe-Style & CatscanMasters of HardcoreSingle tune02.12.2013

Victims Of The ProjectRe-Style ft. MC AleeMasters of Hardcore1 Tunes28.11.2013
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