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Keep on rockingArt of FightersTraxtorm Records6 Tunes23.07.2014

Goodbye (See you next time)Art of FightersTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune23.07.2014

My drug: the competitionArt of Fighters & Alien TTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune23.07.2014

Keep on rocking #TiHArt of FightersTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune23.07.2014

Fuck you!Art of FightersTraxtorm Records8 Tunes04.06.2014

Fuck you! (Tapekiller remix)Art of FightersTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune04.06.2014

Fuck you! (Detest "Walk with me in hell" remix)Art of FightersTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune04.06.2014

Fuck you! (Koozah remix)Art of FightersTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune04.06.2014

Fuck you!Art of FightersTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune04.06.2014

God is a gangster (Original Mix)Endymion & Art of FightersNeophyteSingle tune24.04.2014

Fuck You! (Original Mix)Art of FightersCloud 9 MusicSingle tune11.04.2014

Fuck You!Art of FightersThe Third MovementSingle tune14.03.2014

Rocket (Album Edit)Art of Fighters and Endymion featuring MurdaNeophyte RecordsSingle tune14.03.2014

God Is A Gangster (Album Edit)Endymion and Art of FightersNeophyte RecordsSingle tune14.03.2014

BadassDJ Mad Dog & Art of FightersTraxtorm Records2 Tunes07.01.2014

ApocalypseDJ Mad Dog & Art of FightersTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune07.01.2014

BadassArt of Fighters & DJ Mad DogTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune07.01.2014

ResurrectionArt of FightersTraxtorm Records3 Tunes09.12.2013

RocketArt of Fighters & Endymion feat. MurdaTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune09.12.2013

Fuck you!Art of FightersTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune09.12.2013

ResurrectionArt of Fighters feat. Mello BondzTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune09.12.2013

Tales at 150 BPMMeccano Twins & Art of FightersTraxtorm Records3 Tunes01.11.2013

Out of controlMeccano Twins & Art of FightersTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune01.11.2013

The dark universeMeccano Twins & Art of FightersTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune01.11.2013

ElectrogodMeccano Twins & Art of FightersTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune01.11.2013
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