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God is a gangster (Original Mix)Endymion & Art of FightersNeophyteSingle tuneToday

Fuck You! (Original Mix)Art of FightersCloud 9 MusicSingle tune11.04.2014

Fuck You!Art of FightersThe Third MovementSingle tune14.03.2014

Rocket (Album Edit)Art of Fighters and Endymion featuring MurdaNeophyte RecordsSingle tune14.03.2014

God Is A Gangster (Album Edit)Endymion and Art of FightersNeophyte RecordsSingle tune14.03.2014

BadassDJ Mad Dog & Art of FightersTraxtorm Records2 Tunes07.01.2014

ApocalypseDJ Mad Dog & Art of FightersTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune07.01.2014

BadassArt of Fighters & DJ Mad DogTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune07.01.2014

ResurrectionArt of FightersTraxtorm Records3 Tunes09.12.2013

RocketArt of Fighters & Endymion feat. MurdaTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune09.12.2013

Fuck you!Art of FightersTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune09.12.2013

ResurrectionArt of Fighters feat. Mello BondzTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune09.12.2013

Tales at 150 BPMMeccano Twins & Art of FightersTraxtorm Records3 Tunes01.11.2013

Out of controlMeccano Twins & Art of FightersTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune01.11.2013

The dark universeMeccano Twins & Art of FightersTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune01.11.2013

ElectrogodMeccano Twins & Art of FightersTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune01.11.2013

Tears of bloodArt of FightersTraxtorm Records3 Tunes04.03.2013

Breath fireArt of Fighters & Noize SuppressorTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune04.03.2013

Restart the party #TiHArt of Fighters vs Nico & TettaTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune04.03.2013

Tears of blood #TiHArt of FightersTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune04.03.2013

Breath FireNoize Suppressor & Art of FightersNoize RecordsSingle tune11.10.2012

GravediggersMeccano Twins vs Art of FightersTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune12.06.2012

The experimentDJ Predator & Art of FightersMasters of HardcoreSingle tune30.05.2012

Toxic hotel (Official Thunderdome 2011 Anthem)Art of FightersTraxtorm Records2 Tunes23.01.2012

Toxic hotel (Meccano Twins remix)Art of FightersTraxtorm RecordsSingle tune23.01.2012
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