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The CutterAndy the CoreThe Third MovementSingle tune14.03.2014

Virus DAndy The CoreFootworxx RecordingsSingle tune03.02.2014

Serious People EPAndy The CoreDarkside Unleashed3 Tunes05.11.2013

Serious PeopleAndy The CoreDarkside UnleashedSingle tune05.11.2013

Say ItAndy The CoreDarkside UnleashedSingle tune05.11.2013

Point Of ViewAndy The CoreDarkside UnleashedSingle tune05.11.2013

Start The PlagueX-Mind  Andy The CoreFootworxx RecordingsSingle tune25.09.2013

The CutterAndy The CoreFootworxx RecordingsSingle tune24.09.2013

SentencedAndy the Core vs F. NoizePartyraiser RecordsSingle tune25.07.2013

Terror By Night EPAndy The Core & ShadowcoreMachinecore Records6 Tunes14.07.2013

My Crimes (Shadowcore Remix)Andy The CoreMachinecore RecordsSingle tune14.07.2013

My Crimes Andy The CoreMachinecore RecordsSingle tune14.07.2013

Futile AttemptAndy The CoreMachinecore RecordsSingle tune14.07.2013

The WorstAndy The CoreDarkside Unleashed4 Tunes12.06.2013

The WorstAndy The CoreDarkside UnleashedSingle tune12.06.2013

Stain In BrainAndy The CoreDarkside UnleashedSingle tune12.06.2013

Beat Diz (I Just Wanna Be A Raver)Andy The CoreDarkside UnleashedSingle tune12.06.2013

Every Day DoseAndy The CoreDarkside UnleashedSingle tune12.06.2013

Murdermind (Thunder Remix)Andy The CoreDarkside UnleashedSingle tune06.03.2013

Murdermind (Original Mix)Andy The CoreDarkside UnleashedSingle tune06.03.2013

Basic RulesAndy The Core & ThunderDarkside UnleashedSingle tune27.02.2013

Ashes (Shadowcore Remix) ( )Andy The CoreMachinecore RecordsSingle tune22.02.2013

Ashes (Original Mix)Andy The CoreMachinecore RecordsSingle tune22.02.2013

French PressX-Mind  Andy The CoreGGM DigitalSingle tune30.12.2012

Unknown FutureIndustrial Frequency ft. Andy The CoreRed Fever RecordingsSingle tune30.03.2012
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