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Brutal methodAndy The CoreBrutale6 Tunes04.03.2015

DopenessAndy The Core feat. OnesimkBrutaleSingle tune04.03.2015

Only in TexasAndy The CoreBrutaleSingle tune04.03.2015

Brutal methodAndy The CoreBrutaleSingle tune04.03.2015

Drug & Alcohol AbuseDestructive Tendencies vs Andy The CoreHardcore BlastersSingle tune26.02.2015

The last one (Don't fuck with Andy The Core)Andy The Core feat. MC A.D.K.BrutaleSingle tune28.01.2015

Chaotic AttitudeDeterrent Man and Andy the CoreDarkside UnleashedSingle tune05.11.2014

BassmentAndy The CoreFootworxx RecordingsSingle tune01.10.2014

My BindAndy the Core & OnesimkFootworxx RecordingsSingle tune01.10.2014

Drop Zone EPAndy the Core and BiorekkDarkside Unleashed3 Tunes17.09.2014

Drop Zone (Biorekk Remix)Andy the CoreDarkside UnleashedSingle tune17.09.2014

Drop ZoneAndy the CoreDarkside UnleashedSingle tune17.09.2014

Steal This (Original Mix)Andy The CoreCloud 9 MusicSingle tune19.07.2014

Sentenced (Original Mix)Andy The Core and F. NoizeCloud 9 MusicSingle tune19.07.2014

Raw Is WarAndy The CoreFootworxx Recordings4 Tunes11.06.2014

The Worst (Stolen Cult Remix)Andy The CoreFootworxx RecordingsSingle tune11.06.2014

Mad As Hell (Tensor & Re-Direction Remix)Andy The CoreFootworxx RecordingsSingle tune11.06.2014

IcemenAndy The CoreFootworxx RecordingsSingle tune11.06.2014

Raw Is WarAndy The CoreFootworxx RecordingsSingle tune11.06.2014

Steal ThisAndy the CorePartyraiser RecordsSingle tune10.06.2014

The CutterAndy the CoreThe Third MovementSingle tune14.03.2014

Virus DAndy The CoreFootworxx RecordingsSingle tune03.02.2014

Serious People EPAndy The CoreDarkside Unleashed3 Tunes05.11.2013

Serious PeopleAndy The CoreDarkside UnleashedSingle tune05.11.2013

Say ItAndy The CoreDarkside UnleashedSingle tune05.11.2013
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