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Chaos Evolves (Relapse remix)Al TwistedDNASingle tuneThis week

The HaunterAl Twisted & Necrotic DNASingle tuneThis week

Mind ControlAl Twisted & Necrotic DNASingle tuneThis week

Ctrl Mind Delete EPAl Twisted & NecroticDNA3 TunesThis week

Total CorruptionAl Twisted and NecroticMotormouth RecordzSingle tune21.01.2015

Freaks & Hoes Anthem MASTERPartyraiser vs Al Twisted & Joey Riot Partyraiser RecordsSingle tune17.10.2014

4&3&2&1Al Twisted & NecroticFootworxx RecordingsSingle tune01.10.2014

Glasgow Kiss EPAl Twisted & Sleeper CellMegarave Records3 Tunes01.08.2014

The DevilAl Twisted & Sleeper CellMegarave RecordsSingle tune31.07.2014

Hardest RegardlessAl Twisted & Sleeper CellMegarave RecordsSingle tune31.07.2014

BodiesAl Twisted & Sleeper CellMegarave RecordsSingle tune31.07.2014

Bullet in Your BrainAl Twisted & Sleeper CellThe Third MovementSingle tune14.03.2014

Worship the BeastAl Twisted & Sleeper CellThe Third MovementSingle tune14.03.2014

Acts of God EPAl Twisted & SadisticMotormouth Recordz4 Tunes19.06.2013

Acts of God (Industrial Terrorists aka Tripped & Subversa Remix)Al Twisted & SadisticMotormouth RecordzSingle tune19.06.2013

Acts of GodAl Twisted & SadisticMotormouth RecordzSingle tune19.06.2013

Tales From The DarksideAl TwistedDarkside Unleashed3 Tunes31.05.2012

Smash Your Face (Bartoch Remix)Al TwistedDarkside UnleashedSingle tune31.05.2012

Chaos EvolvesAl TwistedDarkside UnleashedSingle tune31.05.2012

Smash Your FaceAl TwistedDarkside UnleashedSingle tune31.05.2012

Pish Stained Rancid Tramp (Negative A Remix)Al Twisted & Rob Da RhythmMotormouth RecordzSingle tune12.07.2011

Pulsating BeatLost Origin & Al TwistedMotormouth RecordzSingle tune30.03.2011

Swan SongAl Twisted & Lost OriginMotormouth RecordzSingle tune09.01.2011

Bite The StreetAl TwistedGGM Raw RecordsSingle tune22.09.2010